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📚 "Books Over Brunch: A Transformational Experience for Aspiring Authors" 📚


Think about it: What if one day could unlock a lifetime of impact? What if one workshop could be the beginning of your bestselling story? Here's why Books Over Brunch is transformative:

  • Unlock Your Writing Potential
  • Connect with a Supportive Community
  • Enjoy a Delicious and Inspiring Brunch
  • Gain Access to Exclusive Publishing Insights"



Your Investment


A $4,000 value now at 92% off! Invest $297 in Books Over Brunch and invest in yourself. Embrace the opportunity to write, publish, and make your mark on the world. Join the movement.


Imagine a day where every bite of delicious brunch inspires a new line, a new page, a new chapter. Welcome to Books Over Brunch, where dreams take flight on the wings of words. Join Natasha Christina Tupper, an International #1 Bestselling Author, and take the first step towards your life-changing authorship journey.


What is Books Over Brunch?


Books Over Brunch isn't just an event; it's a celebration of storytelling, creativity, and sisterhood. With the guidance of Natasha, a beacon of resilience in the publishing industry, you'll dive into writing strategies, network with like-minded women, and savor a culinary experience that fuels your creativity.


Join Natasha at Books Over Brunch and embrace the joy, relaxation, and success of authorship. It's time to seize the day, write your story, and change the world. 📚💫

Books Over Brunch (Grand Rapids)

$4,000.00 Regular Price
$297.00Sale Price
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