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Do you ever wonder why so many people want to write a book, but so few do?


Writing a new book can feel like a daunting process. For busy entrepreneurs and aspiring authors, it may seem like a far-off dream. But what if I told you that you could get it done in 21 days? Yes, you read that correctly––21 days.


Hi there, I’m Natasha, the Founder of Polished Publishing Housing and I’ve helped women just like you turn dreams into reality. I know what it’s like to have brilliant ideas, strategies, and stories to share but struggle to get it done on paper and out into the world.


Perhaps you even started writing a book, stopped, and started again. That’s normal. I’ve been there too. But along the way, I've curated our polished process to go from passion to printed product fast.


You have a big idea inside, let me help you amplify it to the world.


By now you know that books give you more authority in the marketplace. But did you also know they unlock so many more benefits? Increase your income, grow your audience, and elevate your brand with exposure from a new book.


The 21-Day Book ebook will help you get it done. I’m giving you some of the best-kept industry secrets, tips, and tricks to help you get it done. The best part, my program won’t break the bank. I want to see you succeed, so we made it simple.


  • We remove the guesswork: Trying to write your book alone will cause you to stall. I have a strategy for that!
  • We remove the risk: This proven system that works every time. Simply work the work.
  • We reduce the timeline: You can become an author in 3 weeks (or even sooner)!
  • ​We help you Invest in YOU: Let's face're used to taking care of everyone and everything else while putting yourself on the back burner. Invest in something that'll never depreciate. YOU! You're soooo worth it.


As a bonus, you’ll receive three audio recordings to help you on your author journey. Learn the three keys to unlocking your writing, how to build your brand and book at the same time, and the best practices to do it over and over again.


Together, we’ll help you finetune your focus and get it done. With our simple, no-fluff system, we can turn someday into day one.


The book is the new bag, it’s time for you to secure it.


Get Started Now.

The 21 Day Book

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