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Beyond the Pulpit


As a pastor, at some point in your ministry, you’ve wondered “Where are my people?”. Step into the realm of marketplace ministry and discover a transformative approach that extends the reach of your church beyond its walls. In "Beyond the Pulpit," pastors and church leaders will be equipped with strategies and insights to use marketplace ministry to reach troubled souls and grow their congregation simultaneously. Unveil the power of authentic connections and find your people in the most unexpected places.



The Impactful Church


Are you ready for your church to create massive impact in your city? Establish an organized nonprofit 501c3 and witness your church's vision come to life. In "The Impactful Church," pastors and founders will be equipped with a comprehensive guide to navigate the intricate process of organizing a nonprofit. From clarifying your mission to establishing governance structures, this book lays the foundation for sustainable growth and community impact.


Breaking Ground


Boldly step into the role of a visionary founder and break new ground in community development. "Breaking Ground" offers pastors and nonprofit leaders a comprehensive toolkit to navigate the process of establishing a well-organized nonprofit 501c3. Lay a strong foundation with insights into mission clarification, governance, and compliance, setting the stage for lasting success.


Donor Dynamics


There are corporations, businesses, philanthropists and neighbors waiting to write you a check. Unlock the power of effective fundraising and collaboration in "Donor Dynamics." Discover the art and science of engaging donors, cultivating relationships, and maximizing your nonprofit's impact. Forge meaningful connections and build a community of supporters who share your passion for change.


4 Book Beyond the Pulpit Bundle

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