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Ready to give back?  We're ready to welcome you.

"The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away."

-William Shakespeare

As Michigan's premiere urban non-profit publishing house, one of our greatest assets is our growing team of highly skilled volunteers and partners.  If you're an expert seeking to impact and empower women and girls, this is your golden opportunity.


While many of our coaching clients can afford editing, the vast majority of our low income clients and child authors cannot.  Your editing experience can make the difference in an author launching and launching well.

Green Typewriter
Helping Kid With Homework

You have a way with words!  Help the kiddos sprinkle a bit of magic throughout their newly written book.  Teach them how to make their words come alive.

Red Carpet Event

Are you an established or up and coming event coordinator?  We'd love for you to volunteer your time coordinating our writing workshops, and book signing launches.

Are you a local photographer/videographer. Our new authors will need headshots and branding/marketing content.  Please allow them to put their mobile devices away and provide professional photographs for them.  This is especially helpful when our PR team sends out pitches for interviews.

Professional Photographer
Graphic Designer

No book or launch campaign is complete without great graphic design concepts.  The first glance is normally make or break for new authors.  Help them stand out with professional, eye catching graphic design.

Stats and figures and charts oh my!  If you love finding answers through research, we'd love to have you join our team of research assistants.  Put those detective skills to work!

Library Shelves

Hey!  Kids aren't the only ones that need help curating spine tingling content.  Spend some time teaching our adult authors how to make their words tap dance on the emotions of their readers.

Library Tutor

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We need space!  Space for writing workshops. Space for awards ceremonies.  Space for book signings. Space  for fundraisers. You get the gist.  If you have a fabulous space that you can loan out during down time, we'd be kind and gentle.

Image by Kyle Glenn
Virtual Team Meeting

Have a small amount of free time on your hands to help others succeed by taking on delegated tasks?  We need you.  


Are you a motivational speaker?  We'd love to have you speak to our up and coming authors.  There are opportunities for you to educate, motivate and cultivate the minds of our clients, if you're aligned with our mission. 


There is something that you provide that will be life changing for our publishing house and/or the clients that we serve that wasn't mentioned above.  We're on pins and needles waiting to hear what it is.  Let's connect.

Does your organization feel lead to provide monetary funding?  We have several women and children with a burning desire to amplify their voices by becoming published authors.  Your financial donation goes directly towards program tuition.  That means that you're actually sponsoring someones dreams coming true.

Image by Kenny Eliason
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