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Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Joslin Blakes has dedicated over three decades to mastering the art of customer service across various sectors, including fast food, retail, and finance. Her diverse career has not only honed her expertise but also fueled her passion for helping others, a virtue she embodies both professionally and personally.

Joslin's journey into entrepreneurship and writing is driven by her steadfast faith in Jesus Christ and bolstered by the unwavering support of her friends and family. Her debut book, "The Revolving Door," reflects her extensive experience and offers fresh insights into the customer service industry, aiming to transform how businesses engage with their clients.


Beyond her professional pursuits, Joslin is a devoted mother to her daughter, Imani Ellsworth, and an active member of her community. She finds joy in serving her church and assisting the elderly, activities that complement her entrepreneurial venture in service-based industries. In her leisure time, Joslin enjoys exploring the outdoors and taking walks, finding inspiration in the world around her.

With "The Revolving Door," Joslin invites readers to rethink traditional customer service paradigms and embrace a more compassionate and effective approach. She hopes to inspire both current service professionals and new entrants to the field, guiding them towards creating more meaningful and rewarding interactions in their work.

Book Overview:

Transform Your Business with a New Approach to Customer Service In The Revolving Door: The Entryway to Excellent Customer Service, Joslin Blakes, with over 30 years of expertise, revolutionizes the traditional customer service paradigm. This book challenges outdated norms, unveils the real impact of quality service, and demonstrates why building enduring customer relationships is the cornerstone of business success.


Joslin’s insightful strategies and personal experiences shed light on: Rethinking customer interactions to foster loyalty and satisfaction. Moving beyond the sales-first approach to a customer-centric model. Practical steps to cultivate a service environment that thrives on empathy and understanding. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, a business leader, or a front-line service professional, The Revolving Door equips you with the necessary tools to create a cycle of continuous success and satisfaction. Embrace the journey to make your business not just a stop but a destination for every customer. Dive into a guide that doesn’t just instruct but transforms. Open the door to excellence with every page.

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