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Angela Sims is an accomplished educator, job coach, and founder of the nonprofit Aim To Inspire, which is dedicated to empowering special-needs youth. With over 30 years in the education field, Angela brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her role as an Employment Supports Specialist. She holds an Associate degree in Child Development from Delta Community College and has additional training in Special Education, Psychology, and Sociology.


Angela's professional journey is marked by her dedication to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities. Her nonprofit focuses on providing essential life skills that help youth become viable, contributing members of their communities. Angela's work extends to offering career vocational training, job and workforce skills development, and family resource support.


Residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Angela is a loving mother to two daughters and a doting grandmother to three grandchildren. She recently embraced a new chapter in her life as a happily married woman to Mr. Robert Sims. Angela enjoys movies like Love & Basketball and War Room and is known for her servant's heart and deep love for people.


Her personal and professional life are intertwined by her mission to foster dignity, inclusion, and empowerment, making every day meaningful for those she serves. Angela Sims continues to inspire and guide families, sharing her insights and strategies in her book, "Master Keys: Practical Tools to Empower the Disabled Community to Live Fulfilled and Highly Functioning Lives," to help parents navigate the complexities of raising children with disabilities with confidence and love.

Book Overview:

Unlock the full potential of your child with disabilities through this empowering guide by Angela Sims, an experienced educator, job coach, and founder of a nonprofit dedicated to disability support. Drawing from a wealth of real-life experiences and proven strategies, this book offers you the essential tools and insights needed to foster your child's development and prepare them for a successful future. Inside, you'll find practical advice on behavior modification, preparing for workforce success, and enriching learning through enjoyable activities like cooking. Angela's holistic approach will help you create a nurturing environment that promotes growth in every aspect of life—from emotional security to social skills and beyond. Let "Master Keys" be your guide to navigating the challenges and celebrating the immense rewards of raising a child with disabilities. Step into a world of empowerment and watch your child thrive.

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