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🔥 Transform Your Writing and Social Media Game with the 2024 Pen, Promote, and Prosper Author Calendar! 🔥


Welcome to a revolution in writing and self-promotion! Aspiring authors, it's time to elevate your journey. The 2024 Pen, Promote, and Prosper Author Calendar is not just a calendar – it's your daily mentor, guiding you through every step of your authorial journey.


About the Calendar:

Designed by Natasha Tupper, a renowned publishing strategist and book coach, this calendar is crafted to address the unique challenges faced by authors today. It’s infused with the wisdom and insights gained from a successful career in helping authors shine. Every day offers a new opportunity for growth, inspiration, and strategic action.


Key Features:

  1. Daily Writing Prompts: Unlock your creative potential with thought-provoking prompts.

  2. Social Media Strategies: Never wonder what to post again; engage your audience effortlessly.

  3. Monthly Themes: Each month focuses on a different aspect of writing and promotion.

  4. Exclusive Tips from Natasha: Benefit from the insights of a seasoned publishing professional.


Why This Calendar?

Do you ever find yourself stuck on what to write next? Do you struggle with maintaining a consistent and engaging social media presence? The 2024 Pen, Promote, and Prosper Author Calendar is your solution. It removes the guesswork from your daily routine, empowering you to focus on what you do best – writing and connecting with your audience.



  1. Emma J., Aspiring Novelist

    • The 2024 Pen, Promote, and Prosper Author Calendar has been a game-changer for my writing routine. Each day brings a new burst of inspiration and the social media tips are incredibly helpful. I feel more focused and excited about my writing journey than ever before!

  2. Sharonda R., Freelance Writer

    • As someone who often struggles with what to post on social media, this calendar has been a lifesaver. The daily prompts keep my feeds lively and engaging. It's also boosted my writing productivity significantly. Highly recommend it to any writer looking to up their game.

  3. Sophia L., First-Time Author

    • I was skeptical at first, but the Pen, Promote, and Prosper Calendar has exceeded my expectations. The blend of writing prompts and marketing strategies has given me a clear direction for my book project. It's like having a personal coach guiding me every day!

  4. Liam T., Business Coach and Author

    • This calendar is more than just a planning tool; it's a daily source of motivation and strategy. The prompts are thought-provoking, and the marketing tips are spot-on. It's helped me connect better with my audience and made writing part of my daily habit.

  5. Isabella G., Blog Writer

    • I've never felt so organized and inspired in my writing! The Pen, Promote, and Prosper Author Calendar helps me stay on track with my blog and social media, offering fresh ideas every day. It's a must-have for any writer serious about their craft.


Special Bonuses:

Order now and receive exclusive access to a members-only online community for authors, monthly live Q&A sessions with Natasha, and a downloadable resource pack with additional writing and marketing tools.


Are you ready to make 2024 the year you elevate your writing and build your author brand? Click below to secure your calendar and start your journey to becoming an unstoppable authorpreneur!

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