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Unlock the 100 Emotions Your Book Must Evoke to Skyrocket Sales and Turn Readers into Lifelong Fans

Booked by the Heart: A Guide to Writing a Legacy 🌟

Why You Need This Guide:








If you're an entrepreneur, you're not just in the business of selling products or services; you're in the business of selling emotions. Imagine writing a book so compelling that your readers instantly become your tribe, your cheerleaders, your lifetime customers. "Booked by the Heart" isn't just a resource; it's your shortcut to creating a movement.

What's Inside:

✅ A Comprehensive List of 100 Emotions — Cultivate a deep, emotional connection with your audience.

✅ The Psychology & Science Behind Emotional Magnetism — This is the secret sauce, folks!

✅ Strategies for Implementing Emotional Hooks in Your Writing — Copy-paste formulas for irresistibly gripping content.


🎁 Access to Exclusive Community: How to Use Your Voice to Make an Impact

🎁 Checklist: The Ultimate Emotion-Driven Writing Checklist

🎁 Quick Start Guide: Jumpstart Your Bestseller Journey in 3 Easy Steps

Limited Time Offer: Only $7 



"This guide is a goldmine! I've never felt so connected to my audience."
—Sarah, Entrepreneur & Aspiring Author

"Absolutely transformative! If you're serious about your brand, you need this."
—Mike, Business Coach

"I was skeptical at first, but after implementing just a few strategies on social media, I'm a believer!"

—Tiffany, Lifestyle Blogger

"Natasha Tupper knows what she's talking about. Period."
—Melanie, CEO & Founder of SheRise Network

"Emotionally gripping and highly converting? Yes, please!"
—Roberto, Marketing Specialist

"A masterclass in emotional intelligence for entrepreneurs."
—Aisha, Influencer & Speaker

Are You Ready to Get More Clients by Tapping Into Your Readers Emotions?

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