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Morgan Tupper is a young visionary and an exemplar of youthful entrepreneurship. As a bestselling author by the age of 10 and now her current age of 13 she stands as a beacon for her generation, encouraging them to harness their passions into prosperity. Founder of The MYP Kids Movement, Morgan is celebrated for her efforts to revolutionize how children perceive and achieve financial independence.

Her expertise and guidance have earned her the moniker "Wealth Generating Kid Koach," and her influence has been acknowledged through features on various media outlets. Outside her entrepreneurial endeavors, Morgan enjoys the simplicity of childhood, from gymnastics to quality time with her pet Mia. She is grounded in her faith and family values, residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she continues to inspire with her creative and philanthropic efforts.

Book Overview:

In her third literary work, "Chill Out! A Guide to a More Peaceful Life," Morgan offers her peers a treasure trove of insights into emotional literacy and conflict resolution. The book promises to be a vital resource for young readers and their parents, advocating for understanding, peace, and constructive communication.

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