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Judy Jenkins, affectionately known as Lady J, is an accomplished chaplain and theologian with a profound dedication to community and spiritual service. Her educational journey includes a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management from Regent University and a Master of Theology from Ashland University, enhanced by a Master of Biblical Studies from Midwest Bible College.

Currently serving as the Praying First Lady of Saints Liberty Life Step Ministries alongside her husband, Pastor Elder Andrew Jenkins Sr., Judy's teachings and writings offer deep solace and insight. Her latest book, "From Broken to Bliss," guides women through the transformative journey from pain to peace, reflecting her commitment to empowering others through faith.

Book Overview:

From Broken to Bliss" by Judy Jenkins is a transformative guide that offers hope and practical advice for women navigating the painful journey from brokenness to healing. Drawing from her personal experiences and rich biblical insights, Judy provides a compassionate roadmap to recovery, empowering readers to overcome adversity and reclaim joy.

This book not only delves into the challenges of emotional and spiritual pain but also illuminates the path to a renewed life full of bliss and purpose. Through engaging stories and actionable steps, Judy invites readers to embrace their healing journey and discover the profound peace that comes with true spiritual fulfillment.


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