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Polished Perspective

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If you wait for the perfect time to write a book, you'll never write it. Don't let your bestseller go to the grave with you.  Write it now. My proven system will empower to get your book out of your head and into the hearts of your loyal readers quickly and as a bestseller.  That's why it's called Bestseller Right Now! It will also teach you how to leverage your new bestseller status to bump your business into 5-6 figures, simply because the impact that you desire to make requires massive income.

You'll gain years of insight and experience and avoid the headaches and heartbreaks of first-time publishing.

One of the biggest perceived hurdles of publishing is bestselling book is that it's time consuming.  My proven system can propel you to bestseller status quicker than growing out an awkward haircut.

Another perceived hurdle is that it's super expensive.  What's the cost of staying exactly where you are now for the next 6 months.  What's the cost of staying where you are now for the next year, 5 years or even 10 years.  It's an affordable investment in your future with immediate returns.

One last perceived hurdle is that it's HARD!  My system lays it out plainly. So much so, that one of my clients is a 10 year old author who was able to follow our system and attain bestseller status!  Crazy right?!  


That's how I know you can do it.  I'm pulling the curtain back on the industry secrets to becoming a bestselling author.

Your community needs your ingenious idea.  Your community needs your transformational story.  Your community needs...you.


Because you're ready to be a bestselling author RIGHT NOW!


  • We Remove The Guess Work: Don't publish your book and cross your fingers, hoping it'll hit #1 bestseller.  I have the strategy for that!

  • We Remove The Risk: This is a proven system that works every time.  Simply work the work.

  • No Waiting A Lifetime: You can become a bestselling author in 6 weeks (or even sooner)! 

  • Invest in YOU: Let's face it...you're used to taking care of everyone and everything else while putting yourself on the back burner.  Invest in something that'll never depreciate.  YOU!  You're soooo worth it.

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JUST $997

REGULARLY ($2,095)


You've Never Seen Book Coaching Like This.

6 month coaching...$5k...a gazillion modules...AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!


Here at Bestseller NOW, we spill the tea quick, fast and in a hurry so that you can experience a MAJOR WIN...NOW.


We reveal the tips, tricks and industry secrets of becoming a sought after bestselling author so that you can finally experience the freedom that you've longed for.


Financial Freedom.

Time Freedom.

Philanthropic Freedom.

Creative Freedom.


You will receive this proven strategy and more in our no fluff micro course.  Let's face it...You're ready NOW

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Hurry, before this deal ends!
(Regularly $2,095)

If you've got questions we've got answers!  Let's hop on a call.  SCHEDULE

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Polished Perspective Publishing

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