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Pastor Andrew L. Jenkins Sr., author of "Beyond Belief: Harnessing the Three Levels of Faith," has dedicated over thirty years to leading Saints Liberty Life Step Ministries in Pontiac, Michigan. His ministry extends beyond the pulpit as a foster parent and an active community leader, reflecting his commitment to faith in action. After the loss of his first wife and the blessings of a new partnership with his current wife, Judy Agnew, Pastor Jenkins combines personal experience with deep spiritual insight to guide others. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and is pursuing a master’s degree to further enrich his ministry. His upcoming works aim to empower others in their faith journey, proving that spiritual growth involves continual learning and application.

Book Overview:

"Beyond Belief: Harnessing the Three Levels of Faith" invites you on a transformative journey with Pastor Andrew L. Jenkins Sr. as your guide. This enlightening book explores the progressive stages of faith, challenging readers to move from basic belief to an enriched and active spiritual life. Pastor Jenkins expertly navigates through the levels of faith: understanding its foundation, embracing its challenges, and living out its convictions with courage and resilience. Using vivid biblical examples and personal insights, this book provides a roadmap for anyone eager to deepen their spiritual connection and harness the full power of their faith in everyday life.

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