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The #1 system to writing a best-seller within 60-days | Send your business, authority, and rates rocketing past your competitors with ONE book


Hundreds of business owners are seeing industry-shattering results.. Even a 10-year-old wrote a best-seller using this proven system

If you wait for the perfect time to write a book, you'll never write it. Don't let your bestseller go to the grave with you.  Write it now. My proven system will empower to get your book out of your head and into the hands and hearts of your ideal clients.  Clients that will find you with card in hand ready to pay in full!

Publishing a book is the single most important thing entrepreneurs can do to introduce themselves to their perfect clients.

Publishing a book is the single most important thing entrepreneurs can do to showcase their authority and expertise in the marketplace.

But let's face it, so many business owners are writing books nowadays.  The thing that'll set you apart is publishing a #1 Bestseller.

I'm here to help you publish your bestseller quickly, with ease and the backing of our publishing house.


Hi there, I’m Natasha, the Founder of Polished Perspective Publishing Housing and I’ve helped women just like you turn dreams into reality. I know what it’s like to have brilliant ideas, strategies, and stories to share but struggle to get it done on paper and out into the world. 


Perhaps you even started writing a book, stopped, and started again. That’s normal. I’ve been there too. But along the way, I perfect the process to go from passion to printed product fast.


You have a big idea inside, let me help you amplify it to the world. 


Because your business needs you to be a bestselling author RIGHT NOW!


  • We Remove The Guess Work: Don't publish your book and cross your fingers, hoping it'll hit #1 bestseller.  I have a strategy for that!

  • We Remove The Risk: This is a proven system that works every time.  Simply work the work.

  • No Waiting A Lifetime: You can become a bestselling author in 6 weeks (or even sooner)! 

  • Invest in YOU: Let's face're used to taking care of everyone and everything else while putting yourself on the back burner.  Invest in something that'll never depreciate.  YOU!  You're soooo worth it.


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