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Young Author Incubator


Who Are We

Because Impact and Wealth is for Teens Too

Go From Summer Break Boredom to

Summer Break World Changer

in Just 5 Weeks. 

You said it this summer and you probably said it last summer too. You wish that your child did something more meaningful and impactful during summer break that also created their own money.


You’re done with summer as usual and you’re ready for your kiddo to do something exciting, fulfilling and super impactful. Earning royalty checks wouldn’t hurt either right?!

That’s where Young Author Incubator comes in.













When you attend this 5 week virtual academy I’ll take you behind the curtain of the wonderful world of publishing and all of it’s many splendid benefits. At the end you’ll join a very small and prosperous society of child authors. When you go back to school your good news will be the talk of the class. You’ll go from summer play to summer slay! With our exclusive training you’ll learn how to express yourself in a way that brings massive impact to the world and on your bank account.


Listen, we all know that kids say the darndest things. They have lived experiences and think genius thoughts that can shape the minds of other children and impact the world one person at a time. Remember, you don’t have to be an adult to impact the world and receive royalty checks. You have what you need to live a life of freedom and massive impact now.

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$2,366 Value



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Space is Limited


Upon completion of the academy you'll be a bonafide published author.


We'll provide professional layout/design for your book, including cover work.


Launch Day is important.  You'll have the support you need to launch well.,


We'll provide professional editing for your newly published book.  Kick back and relax!


We'll provide a sweet bonus!  You'll be featured in your own press release.  Let's tell the world what you've done!


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